The Transcendent City - autonomous, artificially intelligent, sustainable

The Transcendent City - autonomous, artificially intelligent, sustainable

Ever wondered what a city operating entirely on artificial intelligence would look like? Richard Hardy, a Bartlett School of Architecture graduate, created this stunning Transcendant City movie as part of his final year of study in Masters in Architecture. 

Hardy came up with the concept of this future city as a reaction to a society that is currently not responding effectively to environmental dangers. “Transcendence” in this case refers to a point when artificial intelligence has reached or surpassed that of the human. 

“[The film] questions whether the conception of artificial intelligence has been a necessity in human evolution and if we therefore should embrace emergent technologies to engage with problems of sustainability and the city,” says Hardy. 

The Transcendent City is an autonomous artificial machine that extends across the earth adapting to the natural eco-systems it encounters while deriving its energy from the renewable resources available at each particular site. The systems desire is to maintain homeostasis within itself whilst maintaining homeostasis within the greater system, Gaia. Its processes are engineered on the molecular scale by nano technologies controlled by molecular computers that monitor and analyse the environment. 

The animation was hand-drawn and then digitally rendered, before being animated using techniques common in Japanese animation.


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