Shack up in a Boeing 727 fuselage

Shack up in a Boeing 727 fuselage

Ordinarily, seeing a plane buried deep in the jungle would signal a disaster of sorts, but not in this case. Costa Rica-based Hotel Costa Verde has revealed its latest lodgings, the Boeing 727 Fuselage Suite.  

In its former life, the vintage 1965 Boeing 727 plane transported would-be travellers under the stewardship of South Africa Air and Avianca Airlines (Colombia).

Creating the unusual two-bedroom lodgings was a careful and calculated process. Piece by piece, the plane was removed from its San Jose home via on five big-rig trucks and transported to the jungles of Manuel Antonio where they were pieced together to create this unusual hotel suite.

Now taxied firmly on the edge of the National Park in the Costa Verde II area, the plane affords breathtaking views of the ocean and jungle from its 50-foot raised platform.

left: kitchenette dining foyer, right: view from balcony

The interior of the plane features Costa Rican teak panelling while the furnishings are made of teak derived from Java, Indonesia. The suite affords all the usual hotel mod cons - each room features a queen size bed, private bath, flat screen TV, cooking facilities and dining room. 

So how much will a stay in this high-flying hotel cost you? It’s not as bad as you might think. Off-season expect to pay US$400 (NZ$568) per night and peak season, US$500 (NZ$711). 

left: master bedroom, right: wing balcony

left: TV area, right: master bath

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