Architectus: Between Order and Opportunity

Architectus was formed in 2001 based on a collaborative design partnership between Patrick Clifford in Auckland and Lindsay and Kerry Clare in Sydney. Fast forward to 2010 and Architectus now blend the experience of more than 200 leading architects, designers and planners with offices in Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. To celebrate their work, Architectus has put together this monograph filled with photographs, plans, sections and details of some 25 buildings.

The work of Architectus spans more than 20 years of practice. It is largely concerned with making low impact environmentally sound buildings, and applying this environmental approach to give both experiential and architectural expression to sense of place. The architects eschew digital formalism and seek out an aesthetic based on their readings of climate, the necessity of structure, and the pleasures they take in detailing ordinary materials to celebrate the slight imperfections and irregularities that distinguish the hand-crafted from the machine-finished.

Haig Beck and Jackie Cooper, who write the book's introduction, take the view that readers will have already formed a favourable impression of the work. They set out to answer a question both readers and they themselves ask: ‘Why do we like the work?’ They note: 'What we like about the work of Architectus also reveals something about ourselves. As critics, it is our task to identify the intentions in the work, and to tease out and illuminate the many strands that shape them. It is up to the reader to speculate.'

Available for purchase at Parsons Books.

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