Want coffee? Pump it

Want coffee? Pump it
The Handspresso Wild, single-handedly, redefines the idea of a portable coffee machine.

We love this product which, single-handedly, redefines the idea of a portable coffee machine. The Handpresso Wild is operated only by the power of your hand. You fill the reservoir with hot water, stick in a coffee pod, and start pumping.

The product has won four international design awards and it seems only fitting that the founder of Handpresso Wild is an espresso lover himself.

“I’m a coffee-addict and I travel a lot,” says Denmark-born Henrik Nielsen. “I was once in a very exclusive hotel. As I couldn’t drink a decent coffee in my room, I started to think of a portable espresso machine I could bring wherever I wanted.  I had the first idea for the Handpresso Wild in 2005 - I wanted an espresso machine slightly larger than a Swiss army knife.” 

So what’s his overall design philosophy? He describes it as being a bit like yin and yang: “Our designers and R&D people work very closely together in all the project stages…the designer’s job is to express the product’s functions in an aesthetic and appealing way while the engineer’s job is to find technical solutions that make them feasible. Together they are responsible for creating a product that gives more value to the customers than the products or services we are up against.”


  • Hand-operated portable espresso machine
  • 16 bar pressure chamber with hand-pump
  • 50ml water reservoir
  • Size: 22 x 10 x 7 cm
  • Weight: 476g