somewhat different for something different

somewhat different for something different

An international touring exhibition presented by the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (IFA) and curator Volker Albus in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut and Shed^10.

Venue: Shed^10, 90 Wellesley St, Auckland CBD (entrance 77 Cook St)

Dates: 31 July - 29 August 2010

Times: Wed - Sun 12 - 5 pm

Quirky interpretations of everyday objects bring a ‘serious lightness’ to this exhibition. With 148 objects from more than 60 designers and studios – 47 of them based in Germany and 20 in other European countries – the products on display illustrate the great diversity and humour that can emerge when the usual rules of convention are deliberately subverted.

Lifebelts turn into bottle coolers, brushes into lampshades; the unconventional design interpretations offered in this exhibition not only provoke astonishment, they also challenge us to reflect on and review our general expectations and traditional notions of 'normal'. Such ‘breaks with the power of convention’ document the socio-cultural changes that can be observed in all areas of our daily lives, in phenomena such as mobility, migration, changing nutritional habits and more.