Semi-Permanent Profile: Katrin Sonnleitner

This week we profile Katrin Sonnleitner, a product designer’s whose work has been exhibited worldwide. Her work is known for dealing with the relationship between human and object, as well as crossing borders between art and design. Sonnleitner will be presenting at Semi-Permanent on Saturday August 21.

Category: Product Design

Location: Germany

After graduating from Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, German-based Sonnleitner received a fellowship at Designlabor Bremerhaven and worked on several design and exhibition projects for the Alfred-Wegener-Institute for polar and marine research about mircro-organisms and bionics.

She founded her own design studio in 2007 and works on a wide range of conceptual research, product and exhibition design and both interior design and public space for renowned clients such as Kahla Porzellan, Raumplus GmbH and Deutsche Bahn AG.

Since 2008 she has taught in the department of product design at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design in addition to running design workshops.

Sonnleitner plays with objects, spaces, and existing ideas in order to find unexpected interpretations of the familiar. Her concepts pull from ordinary and universal entities, deconstruct past notions, and finally deliver something new - like The Puzzleperser, a rug-slash-puzzle made from recyclable synthetic and natural rubber and synthetic fibers. The Puzzleperser looks like a Persian rug when assembled, but requires the work and interpretation of the builder for it to function as such.

Beyond Semi-Permanent, you can also see Sonnleitner’s work in the somewhat different exhibition at Auckland’s Shed 10 in August.

Semi-Permanent, held in Auckland on August 21 & 22, is a celebration of all things design - graphics, fashion, animation, illustration, motion graphics, typography, sound design, live audio-visual art, interactive and experiential marketing, fine art, music, product design and more.

More on Semi Permanent here.

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