Green Chic in Parnell

Green Chic in Parnell

New Zealand’s first 6 Green Star – Office Design building, the Geyser, is set to be completed next year. Thanks to this nifty video though, you don’t have to wait until then to take a sneak peak.

Click here to take a stroll thought the 5040 square metre building and see just how chic ‘green’ can be.

Located in Parnell, the Geyser building is owned by Samson Corporation and was designed by Patterson Architects Ltd.

The building is designed to:

  • use 27 percent of the energy of a typical retail/office building of its size;
  • require only half the artificial lighting of a typical retail/office building (6 watts per square metre)
  • use only half the water of a typical retail/office building of its size;
  • provide 100 percent fresh air to occupants (as compared with the average of 25 percent for air-conditioned buildings in New Zealand), and
  • have 70 percent of its building waste recycled

So what does it take to gain the 6 Star seal of approval from the New Zealand Green Building Council? For starters, a lot of collaboration:

"Dozens of people from a huge range of disciplines were involved, from structural engineers, electrical engineers, hydraulic service designers, mechanical and façade engineers all working in collaboration. We wanted to make Geyser holistic, not just about accommodation and technical performance but also about expressing an Auckland sense of place for people," says Andrew Patterson of Patterson Associates Ltd.

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