Flower & Opera

Flower Chair by Pierre Paulin for Magis

Flower is a transparent / translucent (depending on the clear or black colour choice) chair designed by the legendary Pierre Paulin, one of the masters of mid century modernist design. It is his final legacy to the world of design as he passed away last year aged 82. Despite his long career Paulin has never ceased to be modern.

The organic shape of this beautiful modern design chair is very fluid in form. Flower Chair is like a sculpture, visually pleasing from all sides. It is balanced, organic and beautiful to look at. Flower promises privacy yet conceals little. Its sheer and sexy silhouette makes it a worthy addition to any interior.

Opera by Mario Fortuny for Venetia Studium

Lighting designs by the famous Mario Fortuny are made exclusively by Venetia Studium. Fortuny was an artist, photographer and designer living in Venice in the “Silver Age”. His constant research into lighting led him to file a number of patents, including a device to control light intensity, used in the world’s most prestigious theatres.

Opera is a blend of western art and the magic of the Orient. Its elegant three tiers of silk shades, in the form of an inverted pagoda, are suspended by a delicate net of cords decorated with Murano glass beads.

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