A floating pool in New York's Hudson river?

A floating pool in New York's Hudson river?

If you visit New York, you won’t find many people swimming in the Hudson River, but soon enough, you may just be able to find water enthusiasts splashing about in a custom built pool that floats in the river itself. + Pool is an initiative by a group of architects and designers to build a floating pool in the rivers of New York City.

The project was launched with the ambition to improve the use of the city's natural resources by providing a clean and safe way for the public to swim in New York's waters.

“An offshore reflection of the city intersection, + Pool both exemplifies the dense, busy character of New York City and offers an island retreat from it,” says the + Pool website.

Motivation to build the pool also stems back to New York’s historical roots, when in the 1800s, the city's elite used floating spas in lower Manhattan as a resort.

Following the Civil War, an influx of immigrants required bathhouses in the Hudson and East Rivers as many had insufficient bathing facilities in their own homes.

The last of the pools were closed in the early 1900s due to improved plumbing infrastructure and increasing water quality. Water-related leisure activities were also relocated to more inland sites.

“(The) + Pool is a small but exciting precedent for environmental urbanism in the 21st century,” says the projects site.

Mayor Bloomberg’s 2007 city-wide plan to increase the environmental quality of New York City by 2030 has also provided impetus for the project

The group of architects and designers behind the proposal are currently on the hunt for organisations and professionals to help their proposal become a reality. 

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