Fletcher Systems launches latest designs

Simple, colourful and elegant, furniture designer Fletcher Vaughan’s latest range for Fletcher Systems continues an aesthetic for which he has made his name. He says they are all pieces that he hopes will stand apart in the commercial environment.

The Fink Stools – Fletcher produced the taller version last year and due to customer demand has continued the range with a small version. It’s a simple design with an upholstered seat.

Timber tables – Very simple in solid timber with the option of a veneer top and a painted base.

Article illustration

The Twig Coat stand – This was released two years ago and now it has been relaunched in colour options.

The Realm Tub Chair – Designed back in 2006 and Fletcher thought it was time to release it. It’s basically a waiting room chair. There are lots of tub chairs around, says Fletcher, but this one is different with its interesting shape, very simple but elegant.

Fletcher’s furniture is available direct through Fletcher Systems