Contemporary NZ strategy for 1000s of Chinese apartments

Residents of the city of Guangzhou, in south-east China are enjoying contemporary apartment designs from the drawing board of Ignite Architects in New Zealand. 

Ignite Architects were engaged by the Nimble Group from Guangzhou to modernise their apartment concepts for their residential apartment and housing projects. The current interior approach, which Nimble has been using for the past 10 or so years, was very traditional, heavy Chinese with a myriad of materials and finishes and poorly planned spaces. They needed a more contemporary look and liked what Ignite Architects came up with.

Last year, the Nimble Group built around 14,800 apartments in communities that range from 50,000 to 60,000 people.

Such figures sound astoundingly large by New Zealand standards, but Jeremy Whelan of Ignite Architects says, the Nimble Group are – only just among the top 100 developers in China. “They are small in scale in comparison to some of the others.” But obviously such relationships have huge potential. 

He explains, the relationship came through one of the business owners who has New Zealand residency and travels between the two countries frequently.

Ignite produced four designs for the company and they are now being rolled out in the marketing and display material to promote sales.  

“It’s the first stepping stone, in terms of a series of relationships,” says Whelan, who is going back to China on Sunday to meet with some government officials to discuss the potential for master-planning some more projects in this rapidly growing city of 18 million people. 

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