A book with me in it

A book with me in it

Review: 'A Way Beyond Creative Industries' sums up 20 years of thinking and practice about making money from creativity

Author: Robert Punkenhoffer (Editor)

Publisher: Folio Verlag


For a while, creative industries were all the rage for urban planners and economic strategists. It was like architecture, design, film and artistic craziness were suddenly okay – because they turned a buck or two.

Blame Richard Florida. His seminal work, The Rise of the Creative Class, created a wave of interest in the network effect of the creative industries. Two decades on, the hype has settled down and the reality of turning creative expression into financial reality is now just that: hard reality.

A way beyond creative industriestries to get past the thrill of the new and outline what it takes to turn creative into industry. Drawing on contributions from John Howkins, Richard Florida, Tom Peters, Alberto Alessi and Hans Ulrich Obrist, the book describes in detail how cities around the world have used festivals, exhibitions and creative clusters to generate economic benefit.

Perhaps the coolest thing about it is the scope: it has contributors from all around the world and from every creative discipline.
It even has a chapter on New Zealand. By me. Other than that, the book is great.

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