A novel twist to architecture - literally

Fans of architecture and books from 18 countries are locked in a fierce battle as they compete to crack a code that relates a “shape” to the storyline of Charles Bancroft’s London based thriller, The Architect. Both have failed, so far.

The Architect’s ‘Enigma Challenge’ was launched on June 19th as part of the London Festival of Architecture and each week the prize money doubles and a new clue is released. 

Readers have the opportunity to win a not-so-shabby £1000 by cracking an 'Enigma' puzzle centered around the books plot

London and Boston-based publisher Raptor Press expected that it would be near impossible to crack the puzzle at first, hence the decision to release new clues each week until the challenge is solved.

Raptor Press spokesman Phil Sills says, "This competition promises to be a lot of fun and embodies the spirit of Charles Bancroft's thriller, The Architect; colourful, fast paced and a celebration of London. It also brings to life the enigma of the book's central character, London based architect, Rob Gilbert in graphic form."

Author Charles Bancroft says he is "very excited about the challenge as a new level of interaction between readers and a story, they will have to really engage with the plot and the characters to discover the link."

The Enigma’s use of a graphic has been praised as an innovative tool that tests the lateral thinking of both the architectural and literary worlds.

To give you an idea of the challenge put forth, here’s the first clue:

“As Rob Gilbert attempts to map out his life, his penchant for the finer things in life relentlessly haunt him… “

Confused? If you haven’t read the book you definitely will be.

More details about the competition can be found here.

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