Designing for the rich and famous...shhh

Designing for the rich and famous...shhh

Somewhere in Australia there’s an award-winning Kiwi/Australian (you know how it goes) kitchen designer on tour,  sharing some wise design words with his peers. When you've been awarded the title of 'Australian Kitchen Designer of the Year', it's all part of the territory.

Australian-born Mal Corboy moved to New Zealand 22 years ago. But for arguments sake we’ll call him a Kiwi. Upon moving to New Zealand, he began building a reputation for great and innovative kitchens.

He has designed stunning kitchens throughout New Zealand and Australia and recently designed a kitchen for one of those celebrity folk in LA, though who that celebrity is, is all being kept very hush.

"We forget that wealthy Americans are often still very conservative," says Corby.

"They often still opt for very traditional, enclosed and fussy kitchen designs - unlike the New Zealand style of clean open plan kitchen-living room for entertaining. Our style of kitchen is considered very ground-breaking over there," he says. 

He’s won more than a few awards over his kitchen building career, but it was last year’s win, becoming Australian Kitchen Designer of the Year (the only person to win Kitchen Designer of the year in both New Zealand and Australia) that has seen him rise through the ranks.

For your feasting eyes, see his work below.

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