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Introducing Idealog's Most Creative People

Business is an inherently creative pursuit. Ideas are had. Actions are taken. Challenges arise. Experiments are conducted. Failures occur. Learning is done. Opportunities present themselves. Solutions are found. Success sometimes arrives. And so the cycle continues. And those who are able to ride the ups and downs, goods and bads of the creative process are the ones who tend to push society forward. So, with the help of our friends at Accenture, who are, appropriately, showing businesses that new is already here, we decided to celebrate some of them with Idealog’s Most Creative People. 

Some may say this is a futile quest. Creativity is subjective and the term is so broad as to be almost meaningless. Added to that, business is generally a team sport, so it’s difficult to single one person out. But just as the local café is confident enough to put a sign up saying ‘world’s best burgers’, we’re confident that we know creative people when we see them. We have been writing about their transformative power for 12 years, after all. 

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Our methodology was fairly simple. Together with the editorial juggernauts from our sister titles at StopPress and The Register, we created a bunch of categories and then started writing down the names that stood out. We also asked some friends of the Idealog family with expertise in specific categories who they rated highly.  Then we spent hours refining the list. 

We chose people whose work we had noticed in the past year and those who impressed us with their unique approach and diversity of output. We didn’t just want to include people who were doing one thing very well in their particular industry. We wanted to showcase those who have been able to break away from the standard modes of thinking, communicate their ideas creatively, use modern tools in an interesting way and, basically, throw a whole bunch of things out into the world and see what sticks. 

We will have undoubtedly missed some impressive, very creative people off and included names that some might not deem worthy. If you think that's the case, you can add your suggestions at the bottom of each survey and we'll choose a wildcard winner. But seeing what the people on this list have achieved in their various fields, it’s amazing to think about the amount of creative energy that has been expended to bring their new art, new products, new companies, new philosophies, new experiences, new buildings, new technologies, new communities, new media, new anything, really, to life.

As Rory Sutherland, a vocal proponent of using behavioural science in the public and private sectors says – and as I firmly believe – “there is no sensible distinction to be made between value created in a factory and value created in an advertising agency”. For him, “our perception of, and reaction to, reality is subjective. How you feel about products, or even about your life, is at least as important, and probably much more important, than the product or your life’s objective characteristics”.

Or, to put it more succinctly, perception matters – in life and business. And Idealog's Most Creative People project is basically our attempt to showcase the humans we perceive to be doing the most interesting things. 

The people our team deems to be most creative – as well as the people's choice winners – will be announced in Idealog’s upcoming innovation issue. Subscribe here. And vote now. 

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