Leaders sacrifice their hearing for a cause

Leaders sacrifice their hearing for a cause

On August 2 the world will be going quiet for business leaders throughout the nation.

This will be the case for James Whittaker from Amplifon NZ, CEO of National Foundation for the Deaf Louise Carroll, Jane Wrightson of NZ On Air and Marcus Rudkin who are all participating in The Silent Leadership Challenge.

The challenge is to raise awareness around the risks of noise-induced hearing loss and will provide funds for the National Foundation for the Deaf.

Leaders will register online then actively seek donations from their peers and on the day they’ll don a pair of bright yellow hearing protectors to simulate deafness, while undertaking four communication challenges in their workplace and at home.

Lotto CEO Wayne Pickup recently joined the challenge and has already secured himself a spot in fifth position of the Top Ten Fundraisers.

The foundation is pleased that Pickup is taking part, and would like to urge other CEOs to join.

“Hearing impairment affects many New Zealanders, and by getting involved CEOs will be showing they take the risk of noise injury seriously, and demonstrate a respect for the needs of hearing impaired staff and customers,” says Carroll.