John Key, you are wrong

Dear John

You are wrong. You're asking the police to seek evidence for ... what? Breach of politicians' privacy? Really?

You are a public servant. You invited the media to join you. You say you have nothing to hide. And you seek our trust to govern.

To ask police to seek 'evidence' from the very media you wish to exploit is disingenuous. You're implying that we're criminals for wanting to know what you promise. I thought that was what elections are all about? Are you perchance related to Frank Bainimarana?

I have voted National or Act all my life: but the search warrants disgust me so much I'm making a protest vote. I gave up on Act when the so-called rationalists' party abandoned science and swallowed the flat-earthers' approach to global warming (that is, denial).

Still, I agree with small government and asset sales. I agree with teacher accountability. I agree with welfare reform. And I agree that Bill English has the best credentials to manage the books.

But I do not agree that your conversation with John Banks was private; you are small-minded to claim so. Small minded to seek police help and too small minded to govern. 

I'm sorry, you lost me somewhere after you said "my cake and I'll eat it too".

Kind regards