NZ: A place where talent can thrive?

We Idealogues are fond of Sir Paul Callaghan; he loves our country and has plenty of thoughts on how we can make it an even better place. And more importantly, he's not afraid to share them.

Like us, he's always believed ideas are the nexus of a progressive economy. Kiwis have been living off our resources for too long, he says, and it's time we focused our energies on using what's between our ears to create real value.

Creative types in particular seem to gravitate this way and contribute more to the economy than you might think. So Callaghan's speech to attendees at Survive and Thrive 2011, a practical expo for creative entrepreneurs, was perfectly tailored. In his address, among other things, he explains why it's imperative to understand the role that creative industries play and how to grow that sector even further.