The world is your oyster

When you think about it, almost any job can be done remotely these days, thanks to online collaboration tools. Laura Buckler goes through some of the best ones.


Many jobs can be stressful enough on their own, but for some people there is added stress, frustration and even depression that accompanies their employment role. There are a number of different factors that can cause workplace depression to develop, but when it's recognised and acknowledged there are effective ways to counter those feelings, says Gloria Kopp.


Wake up, check Facebook, check your emails, and repeat. Technology has made day-to-day life jam packed, and with that the workplace has become all the more stressful. So is it up to companies to cultivate more mindfulness and relaxation? No, but as Hatch managing director and co-founder Cody Carnachan explains, it leads to a happier, more productive workplaces.

Idealog + ATEED

As the ways in which we innovate and do business change, so too are the spaces in which we do these things. Co-working spaces are no exception – especially not the co-working spaces that are helping to shape Auckland’s future.