Exit interview: Kym Niblock, Lightbox

Bye for now

Exit interview: Kym Niblock, Lightbox

As Lightbox chief executive Kym Niblock prepares to bid farewell to the SVOD industry, we sit down with her for a long chat about her stint at the centre of one of the fastest changing industries in New Zealand.


The sharing economy has infiltrated many sectors – music and video, travel and accommodation – but does the same model work when it comes to fashion? And will it take down the fast fashion industry? Elly Stang talks to the founders of two New Zealand designer rental businesses to find out.

It'll be fine

The economist John Maynard Keynes got plenty right. But one thing he got very wrong was his belief that we would probably all be working 15 hour weeks by now because our material needs would largely be met. Many believe he completely underestimated the competitive nature of humanity and our drive for progress, and over the past month, I saw that first hand as an evaluator for the New Zealand Innovation Awards.