When robots drive cars, is the auto-insurance industry a bust?

Robots driving cars conquers up all sorts of crazy images: think of Arnie at the wheel of a Suzuki Swift and you have the future right there.

Self-driving cars also may have one unintended consequence: the end of auto-insurance. Warren Buffet, the famous investor in industries such as insurance, is predicting that when cars don’t crash it could signal an end for an industry built on human error.

Feeling sad for the insurance agents?

Hmm, maybe. When 1.3 million people die every year on the roads, maybe the disappearance of an industry is not such a bad thing, says Dave Maunsell, the managing director of technology services company Accenture Digital.

In part three of a series about the future of work by The Briefing, we asked Dave if there’s an upside to the rise of the machines.