Jargon watch: rurbanism, schadenpride, e-voidance and more

Jargon watch: rurbanism, schadenpride, e-voidance and more
Find out what it means to follow your 'crash and dash' with some serious 'E-voidance'.

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An urban take on agricultural concepts, tapping into back-to-the-soil living, as coined by Modern Farmer magazine. Think Dish magazine having a threesome with Good and NZ Hunting. Yeah, that got you going, didn't it? Saucy.


When Schadenfreude goes before a fall. Or, getting your jollies from behaving in a weird, abnormal or offensive way.

Crash and dash

Similar to the pash and dash, this is the act of delivering bad news by email at the very last point in the day, preferably before going on leave, so you're not there to have ti deal with the fallout.

Disco nap

Getting a few zzzzs into the Sleep Bank Account before going out and hitting the town. Displays excellent use of time management.


Going AWOL online in order ot avoid someone. Includes Facebook, Twitter and IM.