Stump to pump study gets the go ahead

Stump to pump study gets the go ahead

A 14-month project will study the feasibility of creating biofuel from the waste product of forestry harvesting and processing, following approval of a government and industry research study on the subject.

Material such as sawdust, bark and harvest residue, currently of little or no value, could become a valuable new revenue stream, if commercially converted into biofuel.

“This study is potentially the first step in a very exciting new revenue stream for the forestry industry,” says associate Primary Industries minister Jo Goodhew.

“It would also mean improved economic resilience for our valuable forest industry – from landowners and forest owners to wood processors, and increased employment and regional prosperity in regions that rely on forestry operations and processing,” she adds.

The $13.5 million ‘Stump to Pump’ project has received approval through the Primary Growth Partnership managed by the Ministry for Primary Industries, with government funding representing half of the investment. 

Image credit: Axel KR