Arrr me matey! Moa pop-up pirate bar in San Francisco

Arrr me matey! Moa pop-up pirate bar in San Francisco
Moa beer has opened a pirate themed pop-up bar on San Francisco's iconic Pier 29 so jolly rogers and swashbucklers can support all the action at this year's America's Cup.

Kiwi craft beer brand Moa is flying the New Zealand flag high at its new pop-up bar at the America’s Cup finish line in San Francisco.

At the end of the iconic Pier 29 lies the Bar of Arrr – a pirate themed bar giving scallywags and land-lovers alike the opportunity to support the yachting and connect with their inner pirate.

Lounge zones with huge day beds and cushions fill the area, along with seated areas, a DJ and TV screens to stay in touch with all the action.

“With the Pier 29 bar area completely open to the ocean, this is a fantastic place to take in everything that is great about the world’s greatest yachting trophy,” says Moa Brewing Company Chief Executive Geoff Ross. “It means New Zealand won’t just have a strong presence on the water, they’ll be getting the Kiwi message on land too.”

The bar features large visuals of New Zealand landscapes, and pirate patrons can take pictures of themselves to leave on the Bar of Arrr wall for all to see.

The pop-up bar will be open right through to the end of racing – the midpoint aptly being International Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19. 

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