What happens after the droids take our jobs?

What happens after the droids take our jobs?
TED talk by economist Andrew McAfee about future jobs in the machine age

In his compelling TED talk, economist Andrew McAfee states simply that androids and other machines will inevitably take our jobs. He calls it the new machine age and makes a prediction about what this future will look like and how it will impact employment, the middle classes and society as a whole.

He’s not concerned about the economy, or the manifestation of a dystopian, iRobot-esque future – he says he’ll only start worrying about that the day his computer becomes aware of his printer – but he is concerned about the social ramifications.

He says we need to continue to "encourage entrepreneurship, double down on infrastructure and make sure we’re turning out people from our educational system with the appropriate skills."

McAfee also suggests the establishment of a guaranteed minimum income, and explains why. 

Watch the full talk below: