Underwater lab SeaOrbiter starts construction this year

Underwater lab SeaOrbiter starts construction this year

What do you get when you mix an architect, an astronaut and an oceanographer together? An ambitious, 50-million-dollar plan to create a sea exploration vessel called SeaOrbiter. That's what. 

A project of the Jacques Rougerie Foundation, SeaOrbiter will be a permanent laboratory and home to scientists and researchers who will be able to monitor the ocean 24 hours a day and explore sustainable technologies, such as renewable marine energy. 

Excitement has been building for some time around SeaOrbiter, the modern-day culmination of Rougerie's 1973 dream to create an underwater village. 

They've released an HD movie all about the project (narrated with superlatives that would put David Attenborough to shame) and added a convenient clock to their website that counts down to the construction start date. 

SeaOrbiter is scheduled to launch from Monaco in 2014.