Business association celebrates quirky Kingsland on film

Business association celebrates quirky Kingsland on film
Kingsland Business Society releases video with interviews

The Kingsland Business Society has released a video showcasing Auckland suburb Kingsland as a hub of creative business innovation.

The high production value video, produced by Borderless Productions, features interviews with local businesspeople, including Constable Hurst Architects, Dave Giddens Sailmakers, and ED Tolley & Co.

Business owners and operators in the video praise Kingsland for its vibe, location and potential.

“Kingsland is this sort of quirky creative hub that’s forever changing,” says John Constable from Constable Hurst Architects.

Carol Little from ED Tolley & Co says the niche area has “lots of potential”.

"As far as we know, we are the first business association to make a film like this and the response has been great," says Kingsland Business Society manager Christine Foley. 

Watch the final version of the video below: