Three easy ways to feel virtuous

Three easy ways to feel virtuous
Donate to charity, stop plastic-wrapping your sandwiches and keep the paper chain going.

stop plastic wrapping your sandwichesStop plastic-wrapping your sandwiches and pick up a reusable wrap from 4 My Earth. For bonus points, grab a KeepCup for your coffee as those takeaway cups usually aren’t awesome at biodegrading. Dolphins will sing your praises.

donate your desktop nzDonate to charity without spending any money. Head to Donate Your Desktop, download the application and you’ve done just that. Each day, you’ll get a new sponsored desktop background, and in return, the sponsor makes a donation to a charity of your choice. Win/win.

Keep the paper chain going. Look, we know you never print double-sided. It’s a pain. But Aucklander Amanda Judd can help you do something cool with all that paper. Her business, Lovenotes, takes your scraps and transforms it into awesome stationery products. Give boring corporate notebooks the finger! Do some guilt-free scribbling!