Japan to build world's biggest wind farm

The 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster led to a bit of a nuclear backlash in Japan, and now the country is gearing up to build the world's largest offshore wind farm this July.

New Scientist reports that by 2020, the plan is to build a total of 143 wind turbines on platforms 16 kilometres off the coast of Fukushima, home to the stricken Daiichi nuclear reactor.

The wind farm will generate 1 gigawatt of power once completed and is part of Fukushima's plan to become completely energy self-sufficient by 2040, using only renewable sources. The prefecture is also set to build the country's biggest solar park.

The Japanese wind farm will surpass the 504 megawatts generated by 140 turbines at the Greater Gabbard farm off the coast of Suffolk, UK (currently the world's largest farm) as well as the recently completed, soon to be fully operational London Array, where 175 turbines will produce 630 megawatts of power.