Agony Lance: Cheer up, Lance

 Why all the agony? You always seem to be criticising things.
– Nigel, Eketahuna

Ideas are not born equal, but even the best idea has a long and torrid journey to become a great business. Along the way everyone involved in the business need to make a series of conscious and unconscious decisions to keep the business growing sustainably. This is very difficult, and it is smart to get critical advice from outside. The best advice is often not easy to hear, as you want it to be insightful, honest and to the point. People who give such advice are known as ‘consultants’ or ‘arseholes’.

Bring them on, expose them to your business periodically, listen to them, and then quickly send them on their way for a while, lest you become like them. Consultants like me can be a bit too critical because we are trying to help you and your business as effectively as possible. But then again, maybe we are just arses.