Five tips for sustainability leadership

Five tips for sustainability leadership

Colmar Brunton chief executive Jacqueline Ireland's top five tips to become a sustainability leader:

Start from the heart

Authentic sustainability is hardwired into the future planning of the business and across both internal and external touch points.

Tell your story

The issue of sustainability is important, and people want to know more about what businesses are doing – share your journey and experiences, invite them in. Keep it simple, honest, transparent, and don’t greenwash or overstate your credentials.

Be a leader

Sustainable businesses are successful businesses – innovative, clever, efficient and profitable, as well as minimising their footprint. Consumers are looking for leaders to show the way.

Make it positive

A focus on positives and rewarding good behaviour is more motivating and appealing than highlighting the negatives – 70 percent of consumers say they have a better opinion of businesses that reward customers for choosing sustainable options with discounts or special benefits.

Make it easy and cost neutral

Find out what your target customers value, then do it cheaper, easier, better.  Add sustainability on top and it’s a no brainer – 79 percent say they are prepared to play their part and do the right thing – as long as it is easy and does not cost them more.