Have your say: Doors open for Innovators Awards People's Choice

From jelly popping candy chocolate wotsits to a drink holster and a tramping app, the Innovators Awards has seen it all. Now have your say in the People's Choice

The finalists in this year's New Zealand Innovators Awards run the gamut of goodies, so we're fairly confident in saying that there's something for everyone. It's just a case of asking, what's your something? (Perhaps it's chocolate with mad goodness inside.)

We're throwing the doors open for the People's Choice award in three categories: person, product and company. Just click here to see all the finalists and extra nominees in all their glory and then hit the buttons to register your vote.

But remember, you only get one vote for each category, so choose wisely!

Don't forget to share the love around so your favourites can be recognised for their innovativeness. (No, we don't think it's a word either, but it probably should be.)

And roll on the big night on October 12.