A chance to sing your company's praises

Every organisation is good at something, be it communication, teamwork, customer service, marketing, branding, social responsibility, systems, leadership, product development, innovation, or something else entirely.

The New Zealand Best Practice Competition is calling for New Zealand SMEs to share what they do best, and will be giving 20 applicants a free registration to the World Business Capability Congress, to be held in Auckland from December 5-7.

The conference will be packed with over 100 presentations, 14 keynote speeches, and the New Zealand Business Excellence Awards, organised by the  Centre for Organisational Excellence Research, New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation and New Zealand Organisation for Quality

The best entries will also be invited to give a presentation at the event. Prizes will be given for the following categories:

·       SME (less than 20 employees) – Best Practice Gold Award

·       Large organisation (more than 20 employees) – Best Practice Gold Award

·       International (for teams/organisations based outside NZ) – Best Practice Gold Award

Enter here before 5pm on September 10.