Centup: put your money where your mouse is

Centup: put your money where your mouse is

It's easy enough to hit 'like' on a post or tweet out a link to a story – but clicktivism, or slacktivism, as some have dubbed it, is a far cry from a cold hard cash donation or a more tangible social action.

CentUp, a Chicago startup, aims to launch later this year with a special button for web stories that triggers a donation, as well as an option to share the page with your friends.

When you click on the CentUp button, you donate one cent (or more, if you like), and can then post your contribution to Twitter or Facebook.

Half of the money goes to charity and the other half to the content publisher. Centup takes a cut from the publisher's portion. 

For users, their pledges build up until the amount reaches certain thresholds, at which the accumulated donation figure is then charged via the person's nominated payment method.

It looks like CentUp is still lining up both charities and publishers, and while they say they'd love to partner with every single content creator on the web, right now they're seeking partner sites that attract at least 10,000 unique visitors per month.