Inventor looks to wring more out of your clothes dryer

Any greenie worth his or her salt knows tumble dryers are the enemy, but it's a convenience that's hard to give up. 

Squeezing more out of your dryerSo working with our habits, rather than fighting them, Alan Page has built a prototype that will turn waste heat and water from an everyday household appliance into an alternative source of home heating on demand, while delivering waste water to your garden or a storage tank.

The concept has been put together in his shed and a provisional patent filed.

Now Page, a software developer and ex-journalist, is looking to drum up $7,500 in crowdfunding (see the PledgeMe project) in order to enlist professional researchers, product designers and attorneys to get his invention into production and to market. 

"Environmental intelligence is about not producing unnecessary waste, and finding intelligent, alternative uses for the waste that we do produce, by design.," he says.

He says it's time we turned the consumerism of the 70s, 80s and 90s on its head and thinks New Zealand can, and should, lead the way in green technologies.