Tracking your plastic impact with 999 Bottles

Tracking your plastic impact with 999 Bottles

At first glance you might dismiss 999 Bottles as just another reusable water bottle. It's not. 

Yes, it's an elegant stainless steel 24 oz bottle, beautifully designed and individually packed in a  recycled cardboard box.

It's also a lot more than that: a system that helps you track and visualise the positive impact you can have on the environment by drinking from reusable bottles instead of disposable ones.

Look a little closer and you'll see the three numbered dials around the base of the bottle. Every time you refill the bottle, you advance the dial a notch, adding up the number of plastic bottles you saved.

An accompanying iPhone app tells you what the numbers mean, giving context to your conservation and allowing you to join forces with friends and track your combined impact, along the way unlocking factoids like:

  • You've saved 117 bottles!  That's equivalent to the amount of oil KITT needs to turbo boost 50 yards with the Hoff and a damsel in distress on board.
  • You've saved 1,063 bottles! That's equivalent to the height of the Eiffel Tower.  Oui, oui!

Artefact, the Seattle company behind 999 Bottles, is currently running a campaign on Kickstarter to fund manufacturing of the bottle (it's a product design firm – not a manufacturer). It hopes to amass $99,999 and in just three days surpassed 10 percent of the goal.