More companies boycott APP after Greenpeace throws up unsavoury findings

Danone has joined the likes of Xerox,  Adidas, Kraft, Nestle and Unilever in resolving to boycott Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), an international conglomerate accused of being involved with illegal logging in Indonesia.

APP, which also owns New Zealand-based company Cottonsoft, has been the target of claims by numerous groups it is wiping out the habitat of the endangered Sumatran tiger.

A Greenpeace investigation uncovered evidence that ramin trees, critical to the Sumatran tigers’ survival, were logged and sent to APP paper mills.

And now companies are promising to stop sourcing from APP until it is confirmed that the illegal logging has ceased.

Danone also states that it will develop a “zero deforestation” policy, reaching out to suppliers requesting that they stop purchasing paper from APP and that they audit their inventory to ensure no protected wood species are used in their products.

APP denies wrongdoing and says no system can be 100 percent failsafe.

Photo: Captain Herbert/Wikipedia