Our pick of the April Fools' gags

Our pick of the April Fools' gags

Grabaseat's stand-up fares

Grabaseat announced Straight Up Fares, for passengers who don’t mind standing on a long flight.

Intercity's triple-decker bus fleet

Intercity announced New Zealand's first triple-decker bus, a $50 million venture.

Virgin's journey to the centre of the earth

Richard Branson announced Virgin Volcanic, a screw-shaped vessel that would plunge into the core of an active volcano, with Tom Hanks, and Seth Green making up the first expedition.

Catblock: ad-blocking with cats

CatBlock announced a new riff on AdBlock, which displays blank space in place of advertising scripts on webpages – or, in this case, cats.

Google 8-bit maps – and Gmail Tap

Google served up two nicely-executed pranks: it announced 8-bit maps and a binary language for writing emails.

What did we miss? Any others that deserve a mention?