Proud to be an Aucklander: Jesse Mulligan

Everybody loves to hate on the JAFA. But is Auckland finally starting to find its feet? This week, we chat to a few people who are Aucklanders by birth, choice or both – and proud of it.

I grew up in … Hamilton

I moved here in ... 2008

And stayed because ... I'd just come back from London, which makes anywhere but the biggest city you can find feel a bit pointless

I'm a proud JAFA because ... self-loathing JAFAs are so unattractive

The one thing I'd change about the city is ... Parnell. I wouldn't change it a lot, I'd just try and ease its inhabitants into the 1990s

My favourite hidden gem is ... Indian food at the Sandringham shops

The best coffee can be found at ... Meola Kitchen, Westmere

Wynyard Quarter is ... in danger of becoming to Auckland what town square restaurants are to Europe

And the RWC ... was fine

Auckland traffic makes me ... tougher than I am thanks to my protective glass shield

Auckland in three words is ... Wellington plus relevance

Jesse Mulligan is a comedian and Metro's food reviewer.