SodaStream takes to the green road

We Kiwis aren’t the clean, green, recycling machines we think we are: 77 percent of plastics go unrecycled each year, resulting in 252,000 tonnes of plastic waste in our landfills. And SodaStream has decided to tackle this head-on with a bit of a PR stunt aimed at giving us a wake-up call about what all that rubbish looks like.

SodaStream will be travelling through New Zealand with what's being dubbed the SodaStream Cage, collecting empty cans and bottles in order to put a picture on how much we’re throwing away. 

The tour starts at Bloom Family Festival in Matakana this weekend, and will be stopping at popular regional events and SodaStream stockists around the country to demonstrate the extent of the plastic waste problem in New Zealand.

SodaStream believes that by the end of the tour the amount of plastic collected will be the equivalent to one household’s plastic waste over three years.

The company hopes this project will help to reduce the 340 billion bottles that go unrecycled each year, globally. With one bottle taking 450 years to decompose, it's a bigger problem than many realise.