Ikea moves to more sustainable shipping solutions

Ikea moves to more sustainable shipping solutions

Ikea has long been known for its affordable flatpack furniture.

Now the Swedish retailer is ditching wooden shipping pallets for corrugated cardboard, saying the material is lighter, thinner and cheaper to use.

“We don’t know if the paper pallet will be the ultimate solution, but it’s better than wood,” sustainability chief Jeanette Skjelmose told Bloomberg Businessweek.

The company's transport costs will be trimmed by 10 percent when it switches to paper pallets all over the world this month, which will enable more goods to be packed into each shipment.

Ikea uses 10 million pallets to ship goods to 287 stores in 26 countries.

Will other businesses keen to play up their green credentials follow suit?

Or is the more pertinent question, are these new pallets actually that much more sustainable, considering they'll only be used once before being recycled?