Ecostore beats out big brands in consumer survey

Ecostore beats out big brands in consumer survey

Ecostore's laundry detergent was the standout performer in a recent survey by Canstar Blue, beating big brands Persil, Reflect and Fab.

The survey rated seven laundry detergent brands and Ecostore was found the most effective in terms of smell, environmental friendliness, and was awarded five stars for cleaning performance.

The study was carried out by Colmar Burton Australia, which surveyed 1858 shoppers over the last 12 months.

Ecostore founder and managing director Malcolm Rands said he was pleased to see consumers were basing their purchasing choices on value rather than price.

He said people were moving towards brands that promote sustainability and are considered good for the environment.

“People are becoming more aware of not only what’s good for the environment but what’s good for them and their family.

"Health is a hot topic and we’re finding people want to know not only what they are putting down their drains but importantly what they and their family are putting on their skin.”