50 ways to fight famine

50 ways to fight famine

Famine relief in the 21st century: eat like a refugee, stay off Facebook, set up a Twitter swear jar.

Alternatively, you could just buy a tee or download a song, if that all sounds too hard and non-traditional.

My personal favourite? The Karma Equaliser. 

"Restore your karma balance to acceptable levels, and keep people alive. For every douchey thing you do in the world, make a small donation to UNICEF to help the famine in East Africa. Your bad karma will be offset."

Not one charitable project, but 50, this is the brainchild of social innovation lab Good for Nothing. 

50/50 is a collaboration harnessing the power of creative communities to do something for East African famine aid that's now in eight different countries.

Each digital bet is run by a different individual or team, and each project aims to engage a network of supporters to help spread the word and raise funds for UNICEF.

The end goal? £1 million – of which £18,000 has been raised so far.