Make your own solar iPhone charger

Make your own solar iPhone charger

If you’re gadget-making inclined, here’s a very cool and practical iPhone charging solution by Wisconsin man Joshua Zimmerman. According to Zimmerman, his invention takes only between 30 to 60 minutes to create and costs around NZ$25.

“I love my iPhone 4 to death. I really do. Even if it sucks juice faster than a 1st grader at snack time and I often find myself on low power with a long train ride ahead of me,” writes Zimmerman.


Charging Circuit

2x AA Battery Holder

2x Rechargeable Batteries

1N914 Blocking Diode

Solar Cell greater than 4V

Stranded Wire



Altoids Tin


Soldering Iron


Hot Glue Gun

Wire Strippers

Protective Goggles

If some of these parts are perplexing you, don't worry, Zimmerman has a parts kit available for purchase on his website.

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