Kiwi entrepreneur looks to save bachelors from 'modernsingleman-itis'

Anyone who’s picked up a newspaper or watched TV over the past few years would’ve heard all about the ‘man drought’ – not enough men to go around for all the women desperately screaming out for marriage and babies. It comes as no small surprise, then, that one enterprising Kiwi bloke has set up a business for men who can’t find love.

Andrew Leighton has founded Fitwingman, a personal training-meets-dating service to help men combat ‘modernsingleman-itis’, a “pandemic” sweeping the country.

Personal trainer Leighton has created Fitwingman as a tailored service to Auckland’s single men who are having a hard time finding Miss Right (or, let's face it, even Miss Right Now).

He hopes to roll it out in the UK in May next year, and says he’s seen fantastic membership uptake in just three weeks.

 “What we are witnessing is a society where ordinary men spend so much time at work that they never develop the necessary skills to attract female attention,” Leighton says.

“Fitwingman links clients up to a range of services that will make them fitter, healthier, and give them greater self confidence when they approach the babes.”

On offer are packages (with fun names such as Wooing Commander, Elegant Assassin and Shape up Soldier) to help men with fitness, nutrition, culinary tips, presentation and dating.

“We aim to make this a long-term transformation for our clients, with the ultimate goal of finding them the woman of their dreams!”