What to do with $100k? Council calls for input

If you had $100,000 to grow science, technology and innovation, what would you do?

That's the question put out by Hutt City Council, which is setting aside extra funding in this area for the coming year.

Development services general manager, Kim Kelly, says there has been much debate on the topic of science and technology in Hutt City, which is partly due to the government’s High Value Manufacturing Review (yet to be released).

"In our annual plan this year, we’ve provided funds to the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce to put some emphasis on this area of science, technology and innovation. We’ve also set aside $100,000 for further work in this area."

She says jobs in the sci-tech sector create an estimated $240,000 of value to the city per role, which then flows on to other industries.

"It is important that the funds are used for something that moves the city forward in this area and starts to show tangible results for the city and those in the sector," Kelly says.

This could include anything from commissioning industry surveys to bringing a key event to the city, she says.

Public feedback can be sent to before August 5 and will help shape recommendations to the council and mayors as to how the funds should be spent, she says.