OK Go strike gold again with unitard-clad troupe

OK Go strike gold again with unitard-clad troupe

Only a scrooge would fail to get a kick out of OK Go's videos, and the band's latest effort will put a smile on your face too.

Forget treadmills and Rube Goldberg, this time around they shine the spotlight on the human body in all its flexible glory. Watch as a troupe of lithe unitard-clad dancers flip, stretch, spin, roll and leap their way through All Is Not Lost.

It starts off pretty simply, but before long they're forming increasingly intricate shapes and spelling out words, getting lift-off and apparently swimming through the air. Then it gets all crazy with screens splitting off and multiplying like rabbits.

But that's not the best of it. There's an interactive version too, for those who want to play choreographer.  (You'll need Google Chrome to experience the full scope).