Nostalgic music street press steps into the digital age

Nostalgic music street press steps into the digital age

Today uni kids scour the Internet for the latest beats, read online reviews and share their latest musical finds on all manner of social networking sites. But in Dunedin in the 80s, things were different. New Zealand music was relatively scarce, and news about new bands travelled slowly. That’s where musical zine Garage comes in. The music zine child of journalist Richard Langston, Garage was created in Dunedin in 1984 and produced by avid NZ music fans to spread the word about local music. Now Flying Nun Records has announced it's bringing Garage into the digital age as part of its 30th birthday celebrations. 

The record label says the first six issues are being made available for free as PDF downloads via the Flying Nun Records' website. The first has just been released with the remaining five to follow monthly. 

Issue one features The Great Unwashed on the cover, while inside are pieces on The Verlaines, The Chills and Tall Dwarfs. 

Langston has also compiled a musical companion to the zine in the form of a podcast mixtape.  The mix features tracks reminiscent of musical life in Dunedin during the mid 80s. 

You can view the first issue of Garage, hear the mixtape and read Langston’s blog HERE.