Industry groups rally against Australia’s carbon tax

Industry groups rally against Australia’s carbon tax

While there has been any number of opinions floating around about the Australian carbon tax, the Australian Trade and Industry Alliance (ATIA) last week launched an advertising campaign against the federal government's proposed carbon tax, carrying the tag-line "carbon tax pain: no climate gain".

Representing a number of industry groups including The Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Coal Association, and the Australian Retailers Association, newspaper ads from the ATIA have started appearing in Australian newspapers, matched by a television commercial. 

That commercial, which can be viewed below, states that while the ATIA supports action on climate change,  Australia’s carbon tax is by far the biggest in the world and is “enough to hurt the long-term future of Australian families, business and exports”. 

When questioned about the campaign by Brisbane reporters, Gillard dismissed it and said the tax would in fact grow employment by 1.6 million by 2020. 

In an interview with ABC television, ATIA industry chief Peter Anderson summarised the aim of the campaign. 

“What we're doing is making sure that the public are aware of facts and information ... so that they themselves can form a view.”

In that same interview he maintained it wasn’t about questioning the science behind climate change, but it was “certainly a question though of challenging the proposal that's on the table because it is deeply flawed".