David Suzuki on living under an illusion and the outlook for a sustainable global future

He’s extremely captivating and can summarise in 10 minutes what might take some one hour to articulate. We caught up with renowned and influential Canadian scientist, environmentalist, educator and broadcaster David Suzuki on his recent visit to New Zealand, to discuss the prospects of a sustainable global future. 

Right now, says Suzuki, we’re heading towards a brick wall at 100 miles per hour. But we don’t know enough about how nature operates to say it’s too late or that we’ve passed too many tipping points. But the situation is dire.

And while the majority of high level business executives believe climate change is real and caused by humans,  he says the business community is held captive the game they have to play. 

And don’t look to the markets either. He tells us why putting the onus on markets to offer solutions is a “load of bullshit”.

David Suzuki